Tea Tree Lotion

  • • Treats and repairs spots and sores.
    • A gentle alternative to Tea Tree Oil.
    • Encourages healing and relieves minor pain.
    • Mattifies the skin, reducing grease and shine.
    • Natural antiseptic and infection reducing benefits.

    What better to reduce painful spots and scars than the natural remedy of Tea Tree? Our Tea Tree Lotion is an incredibly versatile tonic for your skin, reducing grease and shine whilst healing and relieving pain.

    More gentle on your skin that pure Tea Tree Oil yet just as effective, this lotion soothes as it heals. If you experience spots, cuts, cold sores or skin conditions make sure you always keep some on hand!

    Made in France

  • Spots, sores and imperfections are reduced. Your skin is mattified, reducing grease and shine which helps return the natural glow to the skin.

  • Active ingredients:
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil - naturally found in Australia’s Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, known for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Ichthyolc® Pale - treats blemishes, reduces irritation as well as sebum production.
    • Cosmacol ELI - has a moisturising effect and reducing excess skin production.
    • Modified Corn Starch - absorbs excess sebum produced by the skin for a soft, oil-free finish.
    • Aquaxyl TM - hydrates and rebalances the skin. The skin texture becomes smoothed and more resistant to external factors.

  • Dab over problem areas three times a day or more if required.

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