Scar Reducing Oil

  • • Helps to erase or reduce scars, especially those caused by skin problems.
    • Promotes the production of new skin tissue.
    • Moisturises and heals your skin cells as they renew.
    • Results in 3-4 weeks.

    The L’Action Paris Scar Reducing Oil is a clean and non greasy product that literally reduces the appearance of your scars - by healing your skin, not just concealing.

    It is highly effective at erasing small scars and blemishes, especially those caused by skin problems such as acne. With powerful healing qualities, the product renews skin cells and promotes the production of new tissue..

    Made in Belgium

  • Your scars are visibly reduced and your skin is healed and regenerated.

  • Active ingredients:
    • Chilean Rosehip Oil (Musk Rose) - regenerates the skin cells and boost their suppleness. An excellent active ingredient in fighting the signs of skin ageing.
    • Retinol - very beneficial in treating acne lesions, also helps speed up the tissue healing process.

  • Apply a small quantity of the oil to target the scarred areas once or twice a day, repeat the process every day for 3-4 weeks. Leave to dry and follow with your usual make-up.

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