Retinol Lip Stick

  • • Moisturising and anti-ageing lip care.
    • Gives the lips suppleness, moisturises and reduces the effects of ageing.
    • Significantly improves the lips elasticity, firmness and softness.
    • Enhances the skin’s natural collagen production.
    • Perfect for dry and chapped lips.
    • Visible results in 3 weeks.

    With the L’Action Paris Retinol Lip Stick your lips will be hydrated, moisturised and protected throughout the day. This anti-ageing lip care leaves your lips soft, supple and enhances the natural collagen to keep elasticity and firmness prominent.

    The perfect remedy for dry and chapped lips, Retinol is gradually released allowing the treatment to take effect throughout the day and night.

    Made in France

  • Your lips begin to appear younger as they are hydrated, nourished and protected from the effects of ageing. Dry and chapped lips are moisturised and become softer, smoother and less susceptible to chapping.

  • Active ingredients:
    • Tagravit R1 Microcapsules (7% pure Retinol) - one of the most effective vitamins in treating signs of ageing, it stimulates collagen production, accelerates cell reproduction and rebalances the skin.
    • Cosmacol EMI - with exceptional hydrating properties.
    • Beeswax - known for its protective and nourishing qualities.
    • Vaseline - creates a glide-on effect.
    • Shea Butter - rich in Vitamin E, firms, nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin.
    • Vitamin F - cares for dry, rough and cracked skin. It also stimulates healing, improves skin softness and elasticity. .

  • Apply to your lips before bed and throughout the day for the best results.

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