Guarana Mud Mask

  • • Energizing and Anti-oxidising face mask.
    • Tones and softens your skin.
    • Helps protect against the effects of ageing.
    • Fragrance: Mango

    The Guarana Mud Mask energises, tones and softens your skin. Close your eyes and allow the delicious subtle aroma of mangos to transport you to the heart of Brazil. Rich in extracts of Guarana and Acai Oil, this mask rejuvenates and helps to protect against cellular ageing.

    Made in France

  • With the luscious Guarana Face Mask your skin is left feeling soft, supple and nourished. The mask tones your face and leaves your skin protected against the effects of ageing.

  • Active ingredients:
    • Guarana Extract - stimulates cell regeneration and toning thanks to its Caffeine and Vitamin content.
    • Shea Butter - improves skin moisture levels and boosts elasticity. Incredibly rich in vitamins, it protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun, softening and regenerating damaged skin.
    • Cupuacu Butter - helps delay the effects of ageing. Boasts very powerful water-retaining capacities, adding volume and smoothing wrinkles with long lasting hydration.
    • Açai Oil - a powerful antioxidant, it regenerates, soothes and repairs. With high Omega 9 content, it boosts skin suppleness and firmness.
    • Brazil Nut Oil - rich in unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, this oil is a source of selenium and adds elasticity to skin.

  • Apply the Guarana Face Mask to your face, leave for 12 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Suitable for all skin types, ideal for mature and dry skin.

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