Beauty products every woman must have

by Natalie Eden August 12, 2016

Beauty products every woman must have

5 quick fix beauty solutions 

The summer is coming to an end and there’s no time to be wasted, all extracurricular time needs be spent soaking up the last of the summer sun. In other words, there is definitely no time for long beauty routines that takes forever!

Thankfully we have a selection of beauty products that do the trick, instantly. Be prepared to save time, precious time. From hair blockers (YES) to dark circle concealers (yes, yes, yes), you can rely on L’Action Paris beauty products to the the job in seconds, if not sooner, these babies are fast!

Face Hair Block

The Face Hair block slows the growth of undesirable facial hair in just a few weeks with amazing results. If you are looking to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair this product is the one for you! Apply the serum once a day in the evening and before you know it, no more unwanted facial hair! Not convinced? Read the glowing reviews for our Face Hair Block here.

Tired & Puffy Eyes Reducer Masks

This eye mask is jammed packed with natural ingredients that will combat tired and puffy eyes. The combination of decongesting Camomile, soothing Aloe Vera and anti-ageing Green Tea will revitalise your eyes in matter of minutes. Ideal to revitalise tired and puffy eyes the morning after the night before.

Dark Circle Concealer

This beauty product does exactly what it says on the package, it conceals dark circles under the eyes making you look fresh throughout the day. The natural clay and minerals in the stick will help to cover up discolourations and dark circles all day long. A quick and effective way to brighten up dark eyes, best part? The results are immediate.

Grey Hair Cover Stick 

So you might have a few grey hairs, it happens to the best of us… No need to panic and rush to the hair colourist just yet. Available in six shades, our Grey Hair Cover Stick is compact, is as simple and quick to use as a lipstick and the results are instant!

Soft Lip Scrub

No one wants dry and peeling lips. No one. Not a single person. Let me introduce you to our Soft Lip Scrub and voilà, dry and peeling lips are no longer a problem! The dinky little twist-up application contains an exfoliating lip butter and is released through a buffering cushion tip and your lips will be smooth and moisturised in no time at all.

With Love from Paris 💋

Natalie Eden
Natalie Eden


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